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Securing Streaming Data Over the Web “Security is the chief enemy of mortals.” ― William Shakespeare “The user’s going to pick dancing pigs over security every time.” ― Bruce Schneier   Take Me to the River It’s a real-time world. Enterprises live in real-time. Business processes happen in real-time with live, streamed information passing from app to app, server to server. These types of business-critical streaming systems apply to a vast number of use cases.  Today’s data analytics doesn’t wait for overnight crunching or hours of offline study. Mention the word “batch” and you’ll get raised eyebrows and derogatory comments about your old-fashioned taste for classic rock music and intense hatred for selfie sticks. Many of these on-demand, streaming processes occur in and outside the firewall, among on-premises and off-premises cloud infrastructures. Your enterpris... (more)

The Evolution of Cloud Connectivity | @CloudExpo #Cloud #IoT #BigData #DevOps

The Evolution of Cloud Connectivity By Frank Greco “Intelligence is based on how efficient a species became at doing the things they need to survive.” ― Charles Darwin “My theory of evolution is that Darwin was adopted.” ― Steven Wright Yesterday In case you missed it, the first phase of cloud computing has left the building. Thousands of companies are in the cloud. Practically all organizations regardless of size already have production applications in a public, off-premises cloud or a private cloud. Yep. Been there, done that. And the vast majority of these applications use the ... (more)

Super-Charge JSF AJAX Data Fetch

In our last article - "JSF and AJAX" (JDJ, Vol. 11, issue 1) - we discussed how JavaServer Faces component writers can take advantage of the new Weblets Open Source project (http://weblets.dev.java.net) to serve resources such as JavaScript libraries, icons, and CSS files directly from a Java Archive (JAR) without impacting the application developer. In this article we'll address the need to fetch data using AJAX with JavaServer Faces (JSF) components. The most common use cases for fetching data with AJAX are to populate dropdown lists and add type-ahead functionality in text fi... (more)

Inspecting WebSocket Traffic with Chrome Developer Tools

What makes working with WebSockets challenging at times is that the messages are extremely tiny and incredibly fast – making it hard to see them. With the updated Chrome Dev Tools,  you can now see the WebSocket traffic coming and going to and from your browser without using tools like Wireshark. Here are the simple steps to make the invisible visible: 1. At the time of writing this post (May 8, 2012), you need to get Chrome Canary or a fresh Chromium build. 2. Navigate to the Echo demo, hosted on the websocket.org site. 3. Turn on the Chrome Developer Tools. 4. Click Network, and to... (more)

Performance Monitoring for HTML5 WebSockets

Apica, a performance testing and monitoring company teamed up with Kaazing to bring performance monitoring to apps using WebSockets. Kaazing customers moving applications to HTML5 and WebSocket extensions will now be able to validate response time and function with Apica’s real-browser monitoring to improve the end-user experience – Press Release. Apica also published an excellent blog post about the Apica-Kaazing partnership, and some insight into WebSocket monitoring. The snippet below discusses the layers you need to think about when it comes to monitoring. For a full read, hea... (more)